Commercial & General Liability Insurance in Texas

America’s “Lone Star State” is the country's second-largest state by area and population, behind only California in population and Alaska in area. It houses some of the largest metropolitan areas in the US, with Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin all ranking among the nation's most populous markets.

Texas boasts a strong rural business sector as well as a growing corporate presence, with 54 Fortune 500 companies headquartered here. Texas also happens to be the home state of Quote Commercial, a leading insurance provider servicing businesses that propel the state’s $1.8 trillion economy.   

Quote Commercial will back up any Texas business owner seeking to secure the proper insurance coverage. We’ll help you deal with the fine print and work with you on “insurance made simple,” the kind that matches your exact needs. We do this through an 8-step custom process that sources the fairest insurance quotes from quality carriers and aligns them with what your business is capable of handling.

Call Quote Commercial to work on an insurance policy that contributes to the success of your Texan business! 

Quote Commercial's Proven 8-Step Custom Insurance Process

Quote Commercial first entered the insurance industry in 2001, and over these years we’ve perfected a process to securing fair policies for our clients' businesses. We walk our Texas customers through an 8-step custom method that will fit their size, industry, and any unique circumstances. Quote Commercial’s 8-step process includes: 

  1. We source quotes from our network of 65 A+-rated insurance carriers; 
  2. We call on our partner underwriters to help us determine the scope of each individual policy;
  3. We let our insurers enter into fair competition for the best pricing schemes they can give you; 
  4. We cut out the insurance carriers who can’t meet your coverage needs and options;
  5. We compare quotes and coverage options from the carriers that are eligible;
  6. We field your interests to the carriers and give important recommendations;
  7. We rate each carrier according to their Ease of Use, Financial Rating, Value, plus Coverage and Cost;
  8. We convey these options to you over the phone or through email, with no need for you to travel or spend extra to get your final insurance policy from our office. 

We salute the businesses in our home state of Texas for all the good work they’ve done. And that’s why we’re passionate about keeping them competitive. 

Multiple Insurance Options for Texas-based Businesses

Our Texas clients benefit from “insurance made simple” with our policies. We hope to combine knowledge of your business industry with our own expertise in the insurance process. We offer the following insurance options to customers in Texas: 

If you need validation about the quality of our work, just read the reviews left by our customers in Texas. We’ve partnered with more than 10,000 companies, and we’d be honored to partner to partner with you!

Let Quote Commercial Create the Perfect Policy for Your Business in Texas 

At Quote Commercial, we believe that securing your business shouldn’t be an intimidating process. Fill out the form on our Contact Us page or call us at 844-331-7076 for insurance made simple. Benefit from thorough, fair-priced, and accurate commercial and general liability insurance services in just 8 simple steps!