Commercial General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania had a gross state product (GSP) amounting to $803 billion in 2018, making it the 6th largest economy in America. If Pennsylvania were an independent nation, it would have ranked 19th in the world.

The largest private employer in Pennsylvania is Walmart, and the state is home to 14 of the Fortune 500 companies. Businesses in Pennsylvania can rely on Quote Commercial to provide them with the best options when it comes to acquiring commercial insurance that maximizes coverage while minimizing cost. 

We know how difficult it can be for businesses to sort through all the available policies, which is why we devised an 8-step process that consistently allowed us to select from our 65 A-plus insurance providers. This is no easy feat, but we manage to accomplish this by relying on the system and on state-of-art software.

Quote Commercial: Business Insurance Made Simple in Pennsylvania

We have been using our 8-step process since 2001, and it has consistently proven itself to be effective in sorting through all the available policies out there to come up with something that really fits your needs while still minimizing your costs. We do this by pitting insurance providers against each other and representing your interest. We come up with options that are well-filtered so you only have to choose from the best offers.

We do the heavy-lifting so you can focus your energy more on growing your business. We have a network of 65-strong A-plus insurance providers that’s robust enough to handle your specific business needs in Pennsylvania. We make it our job to thoroughly research all your available options, negotiating with the providers on your behalf, and finally presenting you only with the best options. 

Workers' Compensation & Commercial Property Insurance by Quote Commercial in Pennsylvania

Your business needs protection against potential financial burdens normally associated with running a business. The truth is, if you are a business owner, you cannot afford not having insurance. Here are some of our popular services in Pennsylvania. 

  • Commercial General Liability - We can’t always plan for everything, and unforeseen events happen at any time. Protect your business from lawsuits and financial burdens associated with them by acquiring commercial general liability insurance.

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance - In cases where your employees are not able to work because of injury or any other reason, it helps to have worker’s compensation insurance. When you take care of your employees, they take care of your business.

  • Commercial Property Insurance - People rely on your business. You want to always be operational and not be burdened by some unforeseen occurrences in the future. Commercial property insurance policies help you have peace of mind knowing your business properties are covered.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance - Your private car insurance simply won’t cut it for vehicles used for business. For better coverage, you’re going to need commercial auto insurance for all company vehicles.

Let Quote Commercial Insure Your Pennsylvania Business

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