Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial & General Liability Insurance in Ohio

The economy of Ohio is the 21st biggest in the world. It’s bigger than Argentina and just below Saudi Arabia. Ohio had a GDP of $656.19 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2017. The state is home to high-value industries including aerospace, defense, bioscience, pharmaceuticals, energy, research and development, financial services and insurance, robotics and lasers, nanotechnology, and telecommunications among many others. 

Ohio is one of the states in the country where it’s ideal to start a business or expand into. The top employers in the state include Cleveland Clinic Health System, Kroger, Walmart, and JP Morgan Chase. 

Quote Commercial serves businesses in Ohio, both the big ones and the smaller ones, to help them identify insurance policies that suit their specific needs, all while minimizing costs at the same time. We use state-of-the-art software to sift through the available policies out there. With our help, you will save time and money and find the best commercial and general liability insurance without breaking a sweat. 

Quote Commercial: Insurance Made Simple for Ohio Businesses

We started in 2001 when our founders devised the now proven 8-step process that serves the interests of the customers instead of the insurance providers. Since we have been in the business for almost two decades, we have a deep understanding of the different industries and the nuances of finding the insurance policies that best suit each business’s particular needs. 

Our network of more than 65 A-plus insurance providers is robust enough to cater to the specific needs of your business. And we don’t just offer you the first policy that comes our way. We do a thorough research and pit insurance providers against each other so you’ll get the best deal possible. We have already served more than 10,000 businesses and our battle cry hasn’t changed: insurance made simple. 

Commercial Auto, Workers' Compensation & Other Business Insurance Options in Ohio

We can help you find the best policy for your specific business needs. Here are some of our popular services: 

Commercial General Liability - Make sure you are protected from a wide range of potential dangers so your business will keep running even if there are unexpected events. You’ll be protected from potential financial burdens resulting from lawsuits related to damage and bodily injury resulting from your business operations or the actions of your employees. No business should be without general liability insurance. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance - In case an employee gets injured or falls ill, a worker’s compensation insurance may include partial payment of employee’s earnings, medical benefits, rehabilitation or training, and even death and burial benefits. 

Commercial Property Insurance - Your customers, your employees, and your suppliers all rely on your business to a degree. Any disruption on your business affects them too. That’s why you want to be protected. Our commercial property insurance policies may cover building and structure, furniture and fixtures, equipment, inventory, landscaping, and other people’s properties. 

Commercial Auto Insurance - Whether you have trucks, cars, buses or construction equipment, we can help you find exactly what you need and afford. Personal car insurance policies simply can’t cover the way commercial auto loan insurance policies cover work-related risks. 

Let Quote Commercial Find Ideal Insurance for Your Ohio Business

At Quote Commercial, we guarantee to find the best insurance policies to cover your business needs while still being affordable. Give us a call at 844-331-7076 for a free consultation or visit our contact us page online to send an inquiry.