Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial & General Liability Insurance in Florida

In recent years, Florida has consistently equaled or exceeded the national average in terms of Gross Domestic Products (GDP). While population growth is slightly slowing down, it is still the primary driving force of economic growth in the Sunshine State. Florida is the third most populous state in America following California and Texas. 

The Florida Chamber Foundation predicts more than 150,000 jobs to be created in the state in 2019. In 2018, Florida was the 17th biggest economy in the world. The state is looking at healthcare, manufacturing, and construction to drive economic growth going forward.

With economic growth comes the need for risk protection for businesses. Quote Commercial helps businesses of all sizes in Florida find the optimal commercial and general liability insurance that covers their specific needs at the lowest possible price. 

Quote Commercial has the Perfect Insurance Policy for your Business

At Quote Commercial, we believe that each company, regardless of size, deserves full protection from risks associated with running a business. That’s why we formulated our 8-step process that takes into consideration things such as the size of your business, specific needs, and a responsible budget. Here’s our proven 8-step process. 

  1. We search through our 65+ A-rated insurance carriers for quotes.
  2. We ask our underwriters about what a fair coverage is for each individual policy.
  3. We let our insurance carriers compete for your business.
  4. We remove insurers who cannot meet our set criteria for your particular needs.
  5. We make a thorough assessment of the remaining insurers’ offers.
  6. We let the carriers know that you have several options to choose from so they make better offers.
  7. We rate each insurer based on several factors such as financial rating, value, and cost. 
  8. We present to you the most optimal policies available with careful consideration of your needs and your budget and what the carriers can provide. 

For the fastest possible service, we can help you sign up online or with a phone call to avoid a trip to our office.

Quote Commercial's Policy Options for Florida Businesses

We are obsessed with getting it right for your business. With more and more business from various industries seeking our help, we get better and better at serving you. We take advantage of the latest technology which we couple with excellent customer service to come up with a winning combo. We have helped more than 10,000 businesses and that number is increasing every day.  Our services include:

Commercial Liability

Workers' Compensation

Commercial Property

Commercial Auto

Business Insurance

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As we grow, we continue to live by our mission: insurance made simple. We take the complexity away from insurance so you and your business are protected from risks. We are happy to answer your questions. Just call 844-331-7076 or visit our Contact Us page and fill out the short inquiry form.