Commercial and General Liability Insurance in Connecticut by Quote Commercial

Quote Commercial makes it super easy for businesses in Connecticut to find the perfect business and general liability insurance policies. Our top of the line software paired with our 8-step process makes it a breeze to go through all those insurance policies available. Here are interesting facts about doing business in Connecticut. 

Connecticut is recognized as the state with the highest per capita income, median household income, and Human Development Index score in the United States. The gross state product was estimated to be at $229.3 billion in 2012 while the average per capita income in 2013 was around $60,847. The richest town in Connecticut, New Canaan, has a per capita income of $85,459. More than 7% of Connecticut residents are millionaires. Finance and insurance is the largest sector in the state’s economy, accounting for more than 16% of its GDP. Real estate comes close at 15% of state GDP. 

With all those insurance companies based in Connecticut, it can be difficult to sort through all of their policies to find the best ones that match your needs and budget. Quote Commercial can help you unearth the ones that you can afford and offer the most coverage. 

Quote Commercial Helps You Find Affordable Commercial Insurance in Connecticut 

Truth be told, insurance policies become more expensive when you add those extras that you probably don’t really need. Our proven 8-step process ensures that you find exactly what you require, minus the costly extras. All of our licensed staff are highly trained and skilled in our specialized cost-reduction and coverage-maximizing processes. Here are the types of insurance that we help our clients in Connecticut find. 

Commercial General Liability - Owning a business means accepting the fact that your business will be subjected to uncertainties. In this chaotic world, you strive for order but also know that there are just some things that you can’t predict. All you can do is prepare as well as you can. A commercial general liability insurance policy protects your business from costs arising from lawsuits related to bodily injury, death, property damage, and others. Having the right policy will provide you with a level of peace of mind. 

Commercial Auto Insurance - Every year, more than 10 million vehicular accidents happen in the US. Even if you and your employees are trained in defensive driving, you can’t say the same thing for all drivers that you encounter while on the road. We can help you find commercial auto insurance policies that will meet all your business needs. When it comes to auto insurance, your personal car insurance simply can’t offer enough coverage for your business. 

Let Quote Commercial Help You in Finding the Best Commercial Insurance Policies in Connecticut

Aside from the services above, Quote Commercial also provides workers’ compensation insurance. For more information about this service, please send us a message via our Contact Us page. If you want to talk to a representative, please call 844-331-7076.