Why You Need Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

If you own or run a business, you should have a commercial general liability insurance policy. To help you understand the basics of what this policy covers, and why you need it as a business owner, here are the basics of commercial general liability insurance.

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

This type of insurance, very popular in business, helps protect companies from claims of property damage, negligence, injuries, and even slander. When a person or entity sues your company for any of these claims, your insurance provider will cover the cost of such a lawsuit, and this usually includes legal fees and damages.

What Does This Policy Cover?

When your company has commercial general liability coverage, you are essentially covered for expenses such as medical fees, bodily injuries, deaths, property damage caused to other people’s property, personal injury, settlements, and litigation costs. The amount of coverage is dependent on the size of your policy and your needs. You should discuss it with your provider to get the best possible coverage for your business.

Why Does My Company Need This Policy?

You need such coverage to protect yourself from financial losses and possible business failure because of costly lawsuits. The use of such a policy is essential to the survival of companies everywhere because it not only protects that company owner, but also the employees, shareholders, and those who come in contact with the business.

How Much Does a Commercial General Liability Insurance Cost?

Many considerations must be taken into account before a quote can be given regarding how much such a policy will cost a company. This includes the size of the company, how long it has been around, what kind of industry it belongs to, and many more.

If your business in Texas requires commercial general liability insurance and you want to find out more about this particular policy in relation to the kind of business that you are running, you simply need to talk to the experts at Quote Commercial. Find out what you need and what kind of coverage is best for your business with a consultation and discussion of your company’s commercial insurance needs. Aside from commercial general liability insurance, your company may also need commercial auto insurance, business insurance and commercial property insurance.

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