Different Types of Commercial Liability Insurance

Different Types of Commercial Liability Insurance

Business owners must protect themselves from risks. Lawsuits can come at a business from every direction, causing catastrophic financial implications that can endanger a company's existence. Having the right commercial liability insurance policies in place from the start will help your company survive such issues.

When you talk about commercial liability insurance, you are talking about a policy that protects the company from claims stating that you are the cause of injuries, damage, and other similar issues. The most common of these is commercial general liability insurance. This type of insurance covers quite a bit, including claims made against your company citing property damage, false advertising, and bodily injury.

A commercial general liability policy usually covers both premises and product claims. The former is when people claim that something bad happened to them while they were at your facility. The latter is when a product or service that you offered off premises caused the injury or problem. While this policy is what most companies use, and oftentimes is the only one they decide to take, there are others to consider. These include:

  • Product Liability Insurance – If you have a product that may cause injury or death due to some defect, this will help protect your company and cover any expenses that arise from such a situation.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – Companies offering professional services should have this policy. Some of the professional services that should consider this policy include accountants, architects, lawyers, engineers, investment advisors, and real estate agents.
  • Criminal Liability Insurance – Companies should take out one of these policies to protect themselves from employees that defraud them. For instance, if an employee decides to sue the company for injuries that they inflicted on themselves while at work, the company would be protected from such a lawsuit.

These are just a few of the many types of commercial liability insurance that a company can take out as protection from risks. Other insurance policies to consider include Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, Key Man Insurance, Contents Coverage Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation.

Who to Contact for Your Commercial Insurance Needs

When you own a business in Texas, and you require one or more of these insurance policies to protect your business from such risks, the company you should consider contacting for help is Quote Commercial. Aside from a comprehensive commercial liability policy, we also offer other insurance options that your business might need, including commercial auto insurance, commercial property insurance and business insurance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need our help with your insurance policies. Our operators will help you figure out which policies are best for your business and will give you a quote for what you need. The number to call is 844-331-7076.